Annliz Cup SuperElit Expands

After a highly successful Annliz Cup 2023, the organizing committee has agreed to take the next step with the cup. In order to generate even greater interest, the cup will undergo changes to include a preseason cup for men parallel to the women’s tournament.

Annliz Cup SuperElite is now an established tournament for elite teams in Sweden. Since 2013, the cup has honored the memory of Annliz Frisk, and this tradition will continue in a new format. In two SuperElite classes, Women and Men, with six teams in each class, we will be able to create a highly attractive handball product featuring cup-style matches with determined winners. Every evening between August 8th and 11th, high-quality handball will be offered to the audience, along with a food court where teams and spectators can meet in a pleasant atmosphere with food and drinks.

Match Schedule
Two to three matches per day, with placement matches on Sunday, will create a delightful handball atmosphere, with the main arena in the Sports Hall and C-hall as a complement. Each participating team will play three matches, and alongside the matches, team-building activities will be offered to the visiting teams. Hotel Billingehus will be the main partner for the SuperElite classes, offering the beautiful natural area it is located in – something appreciated by women’s teams that have stayed there before.

Prize Money Reintroduced
A prize sum will be reintroduced in each SuperElite class to provide an incentive for the teams and the audience to give their very best.

First Men’s Team
IFK Skövde HK was a natural choice for the organizing group to invite, and we are delighted to announce that IFK has accepted the invitation to participate. With shared contacts within both clubs, there is great potential to attract strong teams to Skövde in August.

“A change that is a very positive step to strengthen the interest in handball in Skaraborg, and I am very pleased that IFK wants to be part of the cup,” says Anders Wiik, chairman of Skövde HF and cup organizer for Annliz Cup. “I want to thank IFK for giving us a good start to expand the tournament, and we will not disappoint them, I promise.”

“We at IFK Skövde think it’s fantastic that Skövde HF is expanding and broadening its cup with a men’s team, and it was natural for us to be part of the tournament,” says Johan Gustafsson, Club Manager at IFK Skövde. “It also means that we don’t have to put effort into organizing our own preseason tournament but can focus on developing other things.”

Invitation Phase Begins
The invitation phase begins in January, and we believe that the overall package will be very appealing to many clubs. The goal is to attract four international teams to both men’s and women’s classes, along with a Swedish team. The conditions are favorable as Skövde HF has many international contacts, and IFK will support in contacts on the men’s side.

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Now we look forward to a new Annliz Cup year.

Best regards,
The Annliz Cup Team