SUPERELIT - August 13th-15th

Skövde HF-CSM Bukarest 2019

SUperelit 2021!

Skövde, Augusti 2021

This years Annliz Cup SuperElit will be played the 13-15th of August with alternative date the 19th-22nd of August.

We are currently looking for teams who are interested in playing the tournament and we will get in touch with top teams in europe to get good apponants.

Are you interested in playing the tournament? Send an email to and we will get back to you asap.


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All matcher in Annliz Cup SuperElit will be streamed so as many as possible will have access to the games. 

Buy your all access pass already today to access SuperElit. You can see replays and also download the video if you wish to do that.  

You all access pass is valid until 2021-08-26.

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