Skövde HF vs CSM Bucuresti 2019

The history of Annliz Cup SuperElit

Annliz Cup SuperElit was started in 2013 as a way to create high quality pre seasonal matches for top teams in Sweden. The name “Annliz Cup” comes from Annliz Frisk, a person who contributed to Skövde HF for decades, who past away in 2012.  After some years the tournament stated the phrase "where the best teams meats the best".

In 2019, with a new management and a new highly dedicated head coach invitations to top international teams became successful. The tournament moved to the old (built 1946] Idrottshallen and an event area was built up close to the handball court. Handball was mixed with other activities on the event area.  A new concept was created which is the frame for 2020.

Annliz Cup 2020


Annliz Cup SuperElit 2021

No tournament but high quality games

Annliz Cup SuperElite 2020 will not be played as a tournament but simply as high quality pre season games. This is due to the Olympic Games ending just some weeks before.


The Arena

The games will be played in Skövde Idrottshall which is a small venue that can hold 1400 in the audience. 

Skövde has a bigger Arena that holds 2500 in the audience but the cup management has decided that we stay in the old sports arena until 2021 when we believe the tournament will reach its peak.


The Event Area

Surrounding the games an event area will be built up on the tennis courts just some meters from the arena. The event area is for everyone to feel cosy and here the teams eat lunch and dinner. 

The audience are really close to the teams but a private area exist for the teams if they want to relax without fans running around taking selfies.

Our hope is that many players take the opportunity to mingle with the fans and share their experience on social media


Social Media Center

There will also be an area for the teams administrative participants can upload pictures and information on to their social media.

The Annliz Cup-team will have photos taken by proffessional photographers and video interviews will continuously be uploaded to social media.

We hope each team will support us in our social media publishing making Annliz Cup something really special.

The Games

The games will be played in 2x30 minutes  one time out per 30 minutes and it cannot be saved from the first half to the other. Warm up on the handball court is available 30 minutes before game starts. (To be updated)

Locker Rooms

Each team has its own locker room (we have four in total) so the team playing and the next teams playing will have their rooms.

After the game showering can be done either at the arena or the hotel .

It is vital the locker rooms can be handed over to the next team within 45 minutes.


Referees will be from the Swedish National League, SHE or the second division, Allsvenskan.

The Games Atmosphere

All games will have DJ that will make it feel like a ordinary game in the series at home. We want music, the audience clapping and cheering to be integrated to each game.

We hope each team promote Annliz Cup SuperElit that as many teams fans as possible also comes to Annliz Cup. 

The Vision

Annliz Cups vision is to create a handball week in Skövde each summer where top international teams meet to start up the season. A place for referees to warm up before the season starts and where the handball fans meet to cherish the sport they love. We hope all teams feel the energy in our engagement to make the stay in Skövde professional and with a wish to come back .

Anders Wiik

Cup Manager, Annliz Cup