Nantes Atlantique Handball to Annliz Cup SuperElit


We are happy to announce that Nantes Atlantique Handball will participate in this years Annliz Cup SuperElit! Nantes should have participated already last year but the pandemic stopped their participation. We are very glad to the team joining us this year.

Nantes is one of the top teams in France and are competing for the top positions with famous teams such as Brest and Metz. Nantes will arrive already on Tuesday the 10th of august, using Skövde as the place for team building, training and friendly games before their start of the french series. We are very honoured to be able to provide a solution that suits international top teams.

In Nantes their are two famous names for the Swedish audience. Carin Strömberg and Nathalie Hagman, both part of the Swedish national team for many years. We are very glad to have the possibility for the handball enthusiasts to be able to see these girls and the other Nantes team on the 13-15th of August.

This is the first of several teams that are interesting in participating and we will soon announce more teams. 

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Cup Management, Annliz Cup SuperElit