Ajax København to Annliz Cup SuperElit

Ajax København will participate in this years Annliz Cup SuperElit.

Ajax, which is the largest club in Denmark compete in the Bambusa League with a semi-professional team and have just qualified for another year in the league in Denmark. During the season the team have beaten many of the top teams in the league and can never be underestimated.
Ajax participated in Annliz Cup SuperElit in 2019 among many other top international teams. The team has then changed and the long time coach Dennis Bo Jensen will leave this summer to be replaced by Rasmus Poulsen who recently was the coach of Skövde HF who is arranging Annliz Cup.
The team has also just recently signed a contract with goalkeeper Natasja Clausen who played for Nykøbing Falster this year and som new junior talents from Herning Ikast. In the team we also find Cecilie Specht and Olivia Black who played for Skövde HF in 2018-2019. We can expect a strong team playing Annliz Cup SuperElit this year.

But this is not all! Ajax will also bring four more teams to Annliz Cup Elit which is played the 27-29th of August. We are very happy to also have danish teams in all divisions of the cup.
The elit cup has senior (1 div, 2nd div) and G19(2002-2004), G16 level 1 and two. A perfect situation for many clubs who wants to play a cup with many teams in the same location for team building reasons etc.
We are so happy to announce this news and wish you can help us share the news to everyone!

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