Annliz Cup Elit is played the 12-14:th of August


Team registration fee

For teams who let Skövde HF manage accomodation

2000:- per team*
(If cancelling participation after 1st of August we do not pay this back)

For teams who manage their accomodation by them selves

5 000: - per team*
(If cancelling participation after 1st of August we do not pay this back)

If participating with more than one team a discount is given. Contact the management of Annliz Cup for more info.

Payment terms

Registration and payment of the registration fee must be made no later than the June 5th.

Individual participant fee should be payed no later than August 7th.

If payment has not been according the above you may lose your place in the tournament.


*All prices in SEK


Participation fee

Hårdförläggning på skola

If you want to stay for the lowest cost we offer accomodation in schools. You bring your own beds etc.

Price: 1100 kr per person


We cooperate  with the hotels in Skövde and can offer a good stay in the city centre of Skövde. Walking distance from the match arenas. 

One bed rooms:  1 900 kr per person

Two bed rooms: 1 450 kr per person

Three bed rooms: 1 350 kr per person

Please observe: 
Changes to number of participation cards after August 7th will not give a refund.

Only food

For participants who are traveling home after the game and not needs accomodation. 

Friday: Dinner
Saturday: Lunch, Dinner
Sunday: Lunch

Only Food: 400 kr per person
(Food of highest quality catered from a local restaurant)

Included food

Detta ingår:

Friday: Dinner
Saturday: Lunch, Dinner
Sunday: Lunch

Breakfast is served in hotels. All other meals are served at the arena Skövde Idrottshall.

Playing terms


Max 8 teams for teams in Allsvenskan (Swedish 1st division) and 1st div in Norway and Denmark

2X30 minutes

Four games per team. 1 friday, 2 saturday, 1 sunday

Time out

One timeout/half. Not used timeout cannot be used in second half.


Home team brings matchball. Size 2

Number of players

Number of player limit: 17 + 4 leaders 

Rule injured player

International rule about injured player is not used.


If match ends with a draw in placement game the game is finished with one five minutes extension. If winner cannot be decided after extension the winner is decided by three penalty shots per team. 
If winner has not been decided then one penalty shot is added per team until the winner is decided.


Is decided by the cup management.